C1 Level Detective Story: "The Missing Heir" to Aid with Reading Comprehension.

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Here's a C1 level detective story, followed by explanations of difficult words, ten reading comprehension questions, and their answers:

Detective Story: "The Missing Heir"

Detective Laura Harrison stepped into the dimly lit room, her eyes scanning the surroundings. She had been assigned a high-profile case—the mysterious disappearance of Richard Sterling, the sole heir of the Sterling family fortune. Laura was known for her sharp instincts and relentless determination. The room was filled with expensive furniture, but something felt amiss. As she examined the room further, her attention was drawn to an open drawer, revealing a crumpled note.

The note contained cryptic instructions, written in elegant handwriting. It stated: "Follow the path of shadows to find the key that unlocks the truth." Laura puzzled over the meaning. What path of shadows? And what truth was being hidden?

She decided to retrace Richard's steps. The investigation led her to the old Sterling mansion, a grand estate surrounded by tall oak trees. As Laura explored the mansion, she noticed a peculiar painting hanging in the hallway—a portrait of Richard's late father, with one eye mysteriously scratched out.

Her curiosity piqued, Laura discovered a hidden passage behind the painting, leading to a secret chamber. Inside, she found an assortment of vintage letters, addressed to Richard's father. The letters contained a web of family secrets, revealing long-buried scandals and betrayal.

As the pieces of the puzzle fell into place, Laura realized that Richard's disappearance was not a mere vanishing act but a deliberate attempt to conceal the dark past of the Sterling family. With her detective skills honed, Laura vowed to expose the truth and bring justice to the missing heir.

Explanations of Difficult Words:

  1. High-profile: Receiving or attracting a lot of public attention or publicity.
  2. Mysterious: Difficult to understand, explain, or identify.
  3. Heir: A person who is legally entitled to inherit the property or rank of another, typically upon that person's death.
  4. Amiss: Not quite right; inappropriate or out of place.
  5. Cryptic: Having a mysterious or obscure meaning.
  6. Puzzled: Confused or uncertain about something.
  7. Estate: A large area of land with a large house or mansion on it.
  8. Peculiar: Strange or odd; unusual.
  9. Vintage: Denoting something from the past of high quality or lasting value.
  10. Scandals: Actions or events regarded as morally or legally wrong and causing public outrage or controversy.

Reading Comprehension Questions:

  1. Who is Detective Laura Harrison?
  2. What case has Laura been assigned to?
  3. What did Laura find in the room?
  4. What were the instructions on the note?
  5. Where did Laura go to retrace Richard's steps?
  6. What did Laura find behind the painting?
  7. What did the vintage letters reveal?
  8. Why did Richard disappear, according to Laura?
  9. What is Laura determined to do?
  10. What is the main theme of the story?


  1. Detective Laura Harrison is the protagonist of the story.
  2. Laura has been assigned the case of the mysterious disappearance of Richard Sterling.
  3. Laura found an open drawer with a crumpled note in it.
  4. The instructions on the note were: "Follow the path of shadows to find the key that unlocks the truth."
  5. Laura went to the old Sterling mansion to retrace Richard's steps.
  6. Laura found a hidden passage behind the painting.
  7. The vintage letters revealed long-buried scandals and betrayal within the Sterling family.
  8. According to Laura, Richard disappeared to conceal the dark past of the Sterling family.
  9. Laura is determined to expose the truth and bring justice to the missing heir.
  10. The main theme of the story is the investigation into the disappearance and the uncovering of family secrets.

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