Hiring an English Teacher - Changwon-city

Location: Changwon

Posted by: Parkjeong Masan

We are looking for a well-qualified native English teacher to join our team of dedicated and hard-working staff. Our staff body consists of 2 native English teachers and 4 Korean English teachers. PJ School is a relaxed and supportive workplace and we would like our new teacher to fit comfortably into this atmosphere. There is plenty of time allocated for lesson-planning, etc. There are currently 5 foreign teachers working at ParkJeong and its affiliated academy located in the same building. 

• Location: Masan/Changwon

Masan and the adjoining city of Changwon have several universities and therefore a fairly vibrant social scene and ex-pat community. There are lots of opportunities for hiking, and it’s very easy to explore the nearby coastline and islands. The vibrant city of Busan, with its beaches and nightlife, is a 50-minute bus ride away. 

• Starting date: June 2023 

• Students: elem – middle-school. Mostly around 8 students per class. 

• Hours: 2 pm – 9:25/9:50 pm Mon-Fri, with a lunchbreak (3-5, 50-min classes per day) 

• Teaching focus: speaking and writing. The successful applicant must have a strong command of written and spoken English. You will be able to choose textbooks, materials, etc. Currently using Oxford Discover Futures 6, Cutting Edge Advanced, Blueprint B1, and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Book two to be taught nest semester) 

• Salary and benefits: Starting at 2.4 ~ 2.6 million per month – more negotiable depending on experience, qualifications, etc. - plus one-month’s bonus upon completion of contract. Pension, 50% health insurance, one-way flight. Free meals in staff canteen. 11 days’ vacation plus all public holidays off. No weekend work. 

• Accommodation in decent, self-contained studio (Korean one-room style) a short walk from the academy. is bright, with two very big windows and a balcony looking across the city to the bay

Applicants must meet E-2 visa requirements to be considered.

Please send a cover letter outlining your interest and suitability for this position, along with a resume/CV and recent photo, to: 


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