Very Easy Mock IELTS Exam for low level students.

Here's a very easy mock IELTS exam for low-level students. It includes sections for Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

IELTS Exam - Easy Level

Section 1: Listening (script is at the end. (Have someone read it to you.)

Instructions: Listen to the audio and answer the questions below.

[Audio Script - Listening]

Question 1:

What is the weather like today?

a) Sunny

b) Rainy

c) Snowy

Question 2:

What time does the library close today?

a) 5:00 PM

b) 7:00 PM

c) 9:00 PM

Question 3:

Where is the nearest train station located?

a) Next to the supermarket

b) Across from the park

c) Behind the library

Section 2: Reading

Instructions: Read the passage below and answer the questions.

[Reading Passage]

The benefits of exercise

Exercise is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It has many benefits for both the body and the mind. Regular exercise can help improve cardiovascular health, strengthen muscles, and increase flexibility. It also reduces stress and improves mental well-being.

Question 4:

What are some benefits of exercise?

a) Improve cardiovascular health

b) Improve memory

c) Improve cooking skills

Question 5:

What does exercise reduce?

a) Stress

b) Sleep

c) Hunger

Question 6:

What is the main topic of the passage?

a) The importance of exercise

b) The benefits of cooking

c) The history of sports

Section 3: Writing

Instructions: Write a short paragraph (50-70 words) on the following topic:

Topic: Describe your favorite hobby.


Section 4: Speaking

Instructions: Answer the questions briefly.

Question 7:

Do you prefer living in the city or the countryside? Why?

Question 8:

What is your favorite type of food? Why do you like it?

[End of Exam]

Listening Script:

Listening Script:

Question 1: Audio: "Good morning, everyone! The weather today is sunny, with clear skies and a gentle breeze. It's a perfect day to spend time outdoors."

Question 2: Audio: "Just a reminder, the library will be closing at 7:00 PM today, not 8: PM. Please make sure to return your borrowed books before that time."

Question 3: Audio: "For those looking to catch a train, the nearest train station was located next to the supermarket, but now it’s located behind the library. You can access it through the side entrance."

That concludes the revised listening script. Please listen carefully and answer the questions accordingly.

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