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This is an area devoted to teaching and learning how to write in English.


Here's an example of poor writing:

 "I think that the issue of climate change is really important, and it's something that we should all be concerned about. There are many different opinions on this topic, and some people believe that it's not real or that it's not caused by humans. However, I think that the evidence is clear and that we need to take action to address this problem. In conclusion, I believe that we should all work together to find solutions to climate change."

 This example of writing is poor because it's overly wordy and lacks clarity. The writer repeats themselves and uses unnecessary phrases like "I think" and "In conclusion." Additionally, the argument lacks specificity and doesn't provide enough evidence or examples to support the writer's point of view. Finally, the writer doesn't offer any specific solutions or actions to address the issue, making the conclusion unsatisfying and unconvincing.


Here's an improved version of the previous example:

 Climate change is a pressing issue that requires our attention. While there are differing opinions on the topic, the overwhelming evidence indicates that it is caused by human activity. We must take action to mitigate its effects. To do so, we need to work together to find sustainable solutions, such as reducing our carbon emissions and investing in renewable energy sources. By taking these steps, we can help ensure a habitable planet for future generations.


Download Three Free Fully Detailed Writing Lesson Prompts

Manual for Writing Click for your free 115 page writing manual by Prof. Mark McDowell, M.A.


An Argument for Successive Lives An advanced essay on what happens after we die examined from a naturalistic no-nonsense point of view, by Prof. Mark McDowell, M.A.


Mark's Top Picks to aid in teaching writing:

1  Has writing topic startes...very helpful site for getting students to write short stories. Check out their other materials:
2  Many helpful activities to motivate students to write.
3  Elementary worksheets for printing letters of the alphabet.


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