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Mark McDowell

This page is dedicated to myself.

I have been teaching English since June 21st, 1999 -- my birthday.

I answered an ad in the Los Angeles Times to join an English Language School in Korea.  I was accepted and flew to South Korea on my birthday.  It was very exciting for me because I had neither been out of the United States before, nor had I ever flown on a 747!

Since that day in 1999 I have done nothing but teach ESL -- English as a Second Language.

I taught at a BCM Academy for about a year and a half.  I enjoyed it very much there actually, and was invited to stay.  However, having earned a Master's Degree from California State University in 1994, I wished to work at the tertiary level.  I continued my career working at various colleges and universities, such as Naju College, Chungnam National University, Hannam University and elsewhere.  I still continue to teach.  I have written many booklets on teaching English, some of which can be found on this site. 

During my years teaching English I have traveled the world, as is common among teachers of ESL.  I have visited England, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Monaco, Japan, China, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Egypt, the United Arab Emeritus and elsewhere.   On one of my trips to the Philippines I met a young woman by the name of Karen Seniel.  We because good friends.  She told me how she had completed a year of nursing school, but could not continue due to her aunt in the United States not being able to support her expenses any longer.  I agreed to support her through the remainder of her nursing education, and for the next three years I did exactly that.  Below is a picture of Karen (the girl on the left) at her graduation.   Karen is now working in Saudi Arabia as a nurse and supporting her mother back in the Philippines.


I have always had a benevolent heart and always want to help others if I can. I have assisted many impoverished Filipinos and other poor street people in Korea as well. 

Here is a picture of my best Filipino friend, Michael.  We became pals in Korea some years ago when he was playing in a band there.  I also play electric guitar and played on stage with Michael's band many times.  In my never ending quest to help those whom I can. I purchased for Michael the Ibanez guitar he holds, as well has an expensive effects box.  We are still the best of friends.  I have also helped many other Filipino musicians by buying musical equipment for them.

In my never ending quest to be kind and caring I took two starving kittens off the street and gave them a home.  Below are the two cats, now fully grown, healthy, and happy to be alive.  I have had them for two years now.  

It can be tough to be a nice guy in this world, but I enjoy what I do for a living, and I love the kind person that I am.

More to come ... .



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