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Everyday English in Conversation
Mark rates this site A+; It has expressions, related conversations, and audio to listen to the conversations. This is really an excellent conversation site.
Free English Dialogues for Learning English - Buying Clothes
Mark rates this site B; It has a good variety of dialogs, but no sound files. It's certainly worth taking a look at though.
Learn English with Dialogues
Mark rates this site B. It has a good variety of dialogs,but no sound files.
English-learning resources by type - dialogues
Mark rates this site A. It has both written dialogs and sound files.
ESL teaching aids - dialogues
Mark rates this site C. It has some dialogs, but no sound files and appears limited.
Dialogues Using the Present Perfect Tense « English through Examples
Mark rates this site C. It has few dialogs and no sound files, but there is some explination regarding tense usage.
Learn Chinese Conversations and Dialogs, Mandarin Spoken Chinese - nciku
Learn useful Chinese conversations, including Chinese conversation in office, Chinese conversation in restaurant, Chinese conversation in bank, etc.
Series of Dialogues - English Conversations
Marks rates this site A. Real spontaneous language is actually full of common phrases and set conversations so dialogues are useful to help you into real live language. A series of dialogs is a story that continues from one dialogue to the next. There are three levels: Lower
Tutorial Part 8 - Conversations - AGS wiki
Tutorial Part 8 - Conversations - AGS wiki
Dialogue - Define Dialogue at Dictionary.com
Dialogue definition, conversation between two or more persons. See more.
ELT Podcast - Basic Conversations for EFL and ESL
Free listening materials for students of English. ELT Podcast - Basic Conversations for EFL and ESL Theme-based conversations and language practice for students of English, such as EFL, ESL and ESOL. The dialogs have two or more speakers. Read transcripts and listen to mp3 files.
Lesson:Narrative dialog editing:Quick overview - Wikiversity
Lesson:Narrative dialog editing:Quick overview - Wikiversity
A little more conversation with dialog - HTML5 Doctor
Less action, more conversation. That's how that Elvis song went, right? OK, perhaps not. Regardless, the new dialog element introduced in HTML 5 is all about marking up the conversation, and it uses a couple of elements you may have already heard of. Sure, it's a little less action than something like audio, but it is still a useful element to semantically mark up many forms of dialogue.
AGS Tutorials
AGS Tutorials
Complete Review - Index of Interviews, Conversations, and Dialogues under Review
Index of Interviews, Conversations, and Dialogues under Review
Everyday English in Conversation
Everyday English in Conversation
Learn English and have fun with games, activities, and dialogs
Lessons, games, and activities to learn English. Listen to native speakers with activities especially for children.
Dialogue, conversation and education
Dialogue, conversation and education
Conversations Within: Journal Writing and Inner Dialog
Conversations Within is a free online seminar in Journal working and personal growth. As you learn to work with your Journal and the inner dialog process, you will learn to tap into an inner source of wisdom you have always thought possible, but seemed somehow just out of reach.
Visiting the doctor - practice dialogs for ESL students.

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