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Online Curriculums for Teaching ESL Probably the best esl-curriculum site for children. It is very sophisticated and uses animated videos. But there is no free plain to try it first and they charge $39.95 for six months for only one student. There is a reduced rate for a yearly subscription. For up to ten students, the six month price is $79 for six months or $13 per month. If you are just starting, you might want to go with Crystal Clear first.

Crystal Clear ESL Curriculum for young children.  This site provides good curriculum that is semi-animated. This is a good second choice to Fredisa Learns if you prefer something not so sophisticated for young learners and is only about $9.00 a month, and this is for unlimited students since students don't need to log into the platform. You just share it using Zoom or the platform of your choice. This platform is for adult ESL students of all levels. It has a full curriculum for all levels, plus other related courses, such as Business English and IELTS. However, the lessons are not as thorough as course textbooks, such as Headways or others. They provide some free lessons, but only a couple for each level. You'll have to subscribe if you actually wish to use this platform for any serious teaching.



Flash Cards

1300+ Free Printable Flashcards for Kids and Teachers with Real Pictures (

Free Flashcards, Game Cards, and Worksheets (



Home Schooling Academy

ABCmouse: Educational Games, Books, Puzzles & Songs for Kids & Toddlers



Educational Website Builder

Kajabi  Website maker and online course host. Teaching Children with your own materials from your own website.



Zoom Alternatives

There are, of course, other Zoom-like platforms, such as Google Meet and Skype Meet, but the two platforms listed below are designed with education in mind. The first can be used with all ages. The second is for children only.  Classin is an education based meeting platform that can keep track of education related activities. However, unlike Zoom, students cannon gain control of the controls to drop and drag items. Many teachers love it, but some say it's too complicated and a platform like Zoom is all that is really needed.  Koala is a Zoom alternative distinctly for teaching children. It also allows for "co-browsing." There is a free plan and the regular subscription is only $15.


Sales Funnels and Email Collectors  Free with up to 2000 contacts. It's a good deal!

Groove (Just one payment - has everything).

Convert Kit  Good, but only has a 14 day free trial.


Below is our directory for spelling related sites: