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Full-time English Teacher Needed *PIC*

We¬ are¬ Melhome¬ ESL¬ center¬ which¬ works¬ on¬ English¬ education¬ several¬ years.We¬ cooperate¬ with¬ kindergarten¬ ,primary¬ and¬ training¬ center¬ in¬ Guangzhou,China.We¬ are¬ hiring¬ some¬ teachers¬ for¬ our¬ schools.

Here¬ are¬ more¬ details¬ about¬ our¬ offer¬ : A¬ standard¬ work¬ week¬ will¬ consist¬ for¬ 40¬ hours,teaching¬ time¬ is¬ less¬ than¬ 25¬ hours¬ per¬ week,two¬ days¬ off.
Location:Guangzhou¬ ,Shenzhen,Foshan¬ in¬ Guangdong¬ province.Kids¬ age¬ from¬ 2¬ to¬ 12¬ years¬ old.Small¬ size¬ with¬ Chinese¬ assistant¬ who¬ can¬ speak¬ English.

What¬ we¬ offer:
1.8000¬ to¬ 15000¬ RMB¬ per¬ month¬ after¬ tax(depend¬ on¬ your¬ qualification)+free¬ apartment¬ or¬ housing¬ allowance.
2. Free¬ apartment¬ or¬ 1500¬ RMB¬ housing¬ allowance.
3. System¬ teaching¬ training¬ at¬ Guangzhou¬ HQ.
4. Free¬ airport¬ pick¬ up¬ with¬ 3 days free¬ hotel.
6. Free¬ visa¬ help.
7. Comfortable¬ working¬ environment.
8. 11¬ paid¬ Chinese¬ holiday.

Native¬ Speaker¬ needed¬ ,18 to¬ 40¬ years¬ old¬ in¬ good¬ health.Easy¬ going¬ and¬ patience.
Degree¬ holder,non¬ criminal¬ record.

If¬ you¬ are¬ interested,please¬ sent¬ me¬ your¬ resume¬ ,recent¬ pics,and¬ the¬ first¬ page¬ of¬ your¬ passport¬ to¬ Yolanda:
My¬ Skype¬ ID: yolandamelhome@163.com
Phone¬ NO.¬ +8615088072526
My¬ Wechat:¬ youyou2526
Email: melhome2526@163.com

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