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International Kindergarten Jobs in Guangzhou China *PIC*

Mel home ESL centre located in the heart of Guangzhou,is specialized in English education for kindergarten and primary school. Partnerships with leading names in the educat- ion industry have gained a reputation as a company that delivers results with integrity! While the professional strengths of our institution are in teaching, training, one of our biggest concentrations is actually in the collaboration development of team members. The executives at our education Project have perfected a 1-2 year long Management Training Program, aimed at offering intensive teaching training, mentorship, and English courses.┬ **HIRING NEWS** The dynamic team environment has been built off of relentless and adaptable individuals balancing the art of working hard and playing hard!┬ If you're a native English speaker looking for promising position, or an nonnative English speaker ┬ looking for a work environment that matches both your personality and ambition, please send your application to our company. Official Email:Melhomeeslcentre@163.com

Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan

ESL English teacher

kindergarten or training center

Teaching 2-12 years old students/ taking care of kids/organizing activities for western Festival/ Communicating with parents´╝îetc

Weekly hours:
40 hours a week, less than 25 teaching hours, 5 working days and 2 days off per week.

18-40┬ years old
Native English speaker
/ non-native should be equipped with pure British or American accent
┬ from European countries or American states.
Be Healthy,Patient and into kids.
Preferably a Degree┬ holder of education ,no┬ criminal┬ record

1.10000┬ to┬ 18000┬ RMB┬ per┬ month┬ after┬ tax (depend┬ on┬ your┬ teaching qualification)+free┬ apartment ┬ or ┬ housing┬ allowance.
2. Free┬ apartment┬ or┬ 1500┬ RMB┬ housing┬ allowance provided.
3. Systematic┬ teaching┬ training┬ at┬ Guangzhou┬ HQ.
4. Free service of airport pick-up and 3 days hotel
5. Free┬ visa┬ assistance.
6. Comfortable┬ working┬ environment.
7. 11┬ paid┬ Chinese┬ holiday.

┬ If you have prior experience in our field, great. If you don't, that's fine too. We are going to train you on our systems either way.
Education - have you committed some amount of your life to learning something new.
Experience - not required, but by this point in one's life, they've had some sort of experience worthy of making their resume. We'd like to know what it is.
Most importantly, are you willing to commit to being trained in an area you may know nothing about, or be good at on the first try, without giving up?

My┬ Skype┬ ID: 13048019635
Phone┬ NO.:┬ 13048019635
My┬ Wechat: ┬ miyawang522
Whatsapp: 13048019635
Instagram: hua522miya
Email: Melhomeeslcentre@163.com

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