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Teaching jobs in Shangai,China

Teaching English in Shanghai,China!

Please email at esljobtaiwan@gmail.com
with your photo,resume
We need 30 teachers
in our branches in Shanghai,China

We are from the Taipei branch and helping
our branches in Shangai,China
to recruit.
So please email at esljobtaiwan@gmail.com
and please specify you want to teach in Shangai,China
We hire degree holders,native English speakers with a TESL certificate

Overview of position
β– Schedule (specific times can vary between branches, but durations are the same)
β—† Monday & Tuesday: OFF
β—† Wednesday - Friday: 3-9pm
β—† Saturday & Sunday: 8:30am-5:30pm (includes 1 hour unpaid lunch break)
β—† 36 total working hours
● Maximum 24 classroom/teaching hours (Typical is 21 hours 14 class sessions)
● Rest are office hours (includes events, demos, etc.)
β– Anatomy of a class
β—† Duration: 1.5 hours (40 min. session / 10 min. break / 40 min. session)
β—† Age range: 3-12
β—† Class size: between 10-20 kids
β—† Teaching assistant:
● Yes, by default: levels Kindergarten 1 (age 3) and Junior 1 (age 6)
● No, unless requested: all other levels
β—† Company provides full curriculum, flashcards, posters, song recordings, balls, dice, etc.
● Overview of benefits
β– Airport pickup
β– Arrival allowance: flight ticket 5,000RMB+VISA fee2,000RMB
β– Free 1 month stay at Kid Castle dorm
β—† Exception: a one-time 200RMB utilities fee (regardless of duration of stay)
β– Salary
β—† 15,000~18,000RMB/month(accommodation allowance is included)
β– Bonus: 5,000RMB (upon completion of 12 month contract)
β– Leave
β—† Paid national holidays (11 days)
β—† Paid annual leave starts from 2nd year (5 days, +1 for each year thereafter)
β—† Unpaid: Sick (5 days), Personal (5 days), Extended (10 days)
β– Chinese health insurance (covers accidents)
β– No housing allowance for Shanghai (more remote locations sometimes provide housing)
FAQ: Does Kid Castle provide assistance in finding housing for teachers?
β—† No, we don’t have an official program for providing help for our teachers, however the good
news is the reason we don’t is that the process is much easier than people assume -
Shanghai is actually a rather Western-friendly city. So you can relax! We have ~10
teachers arrive every month and every month they’re all able to successfully find housing.
β—† Upon successful passing of the interview, we’ll send an email that includes a link to a very
comprehensive article about finding housing in Shanghai. This should give you a great idea
of how the housing process works in Shanghai.
β—† Keep in mind that we are a company filled with nice, friendly, helpful people and often help
can be provided more in an organic, relationship-based way by one’s co-workers, most of
whom probably live in and are very familiar with the area around their particular branch.

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