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English Teaching *LINK* *PIC*

We have many opportunities for foreign teachers who want to make a difference and have the experience of a lifetime. Schools are in big city, small city and town in Guangdong province China. And we believe we can provide you with a good position.

Job description:
* Working time is┬ 40┬ hours, teaching┬ time┬ is┬ less than 25┬ hours┬ per┬ week.
* Kids┬ age┬ from┬ 2 to┬ 12┬ years┬ old.
* English teaching with Chinese assistant.
* Experience preferred but not required┬
* Energetic Individuals┬
* Healthy
* Salary: 9000 to 14000 RMB per month (after tax) with free accommodation or house allowance 1500rmb/month.
* Free┬ hotel┬ provided┬ during┬ training┬ and┬ free┬ airport┬ pick┬ up.
* One┬ year┬ contract.
* Free┬ visa.
* Paid┬ Chinese holidays.
* 3000RMB flight allowance after one year contract completion.

For more information,please email me gzhouaokai@163.com

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