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Mark's ESL World ESL Job Postings

ESL Jobs

Best teaching job open in Taiwan

We have ESL jobs in many places of Taiwan

Please email us at esljobtaiwan@gmail.com with your photo,resume.

Enquire online: Talk to us on Skype: esljobtaiwan

Please do enquire online and email us. Thank you so much!! Welcome to Taiwan!

Email us your resume,smiley photo,full body photo,degree,passport so we can do our best to line up an ESL job for you before arriving.

We hire passport holders of USA, Canada, UK, South Africa,Ireland, New Zealand, ,Australia and Zimbabwe.

You need a BA.BS.BEd, or a combination of 2 year college diploma, or associate degree and a TESL certificate to get a work permit.

If you do not have a degree,you must have a 2 -3 year college diploma with a TEFL ceritificate for a work permit here. If one is Asian holding any of the passports above, he or she can apply.

We have cram school(language school) openings and regular school( public or private primary,junior,senior high school) openings, if you work in regular schools, you have to have your updated original background check and notarized degrees by Taiwan embassy.Only registered teachers can apply for regular school openings. If you work in a language school,background check is not a must but a plus.

We try to place you in regular schools like private or public schools

if you are registered teachers so you get better pay .
If teachers have an APRC,alien permanent resident certificate, and a Taiwan marriage ARC ,they can likely teach in a private primary or high school for better pay.

We have 1 free housing ESL job and some jobs for couples and some jobs in a big city or in a town. We have a variety of ESL jobs open in Taiwan for you to choose!
Email us at esljobtaiwan@gmail.com and talk to us on Skype at esljobtaiwan
We have jobs open all year round!
Teachers do not have to pay us to find teaching jobs in Taiwan! We offer free service! We work with schools to help them find teachers!!
You can read our jobs below and references below

Can you consider it ? Teaching kids in Dongang, Pingtung , starting early December . Paying 60000 ntd a month . Mon to Friday 2:30-9:30 pm , Wednesday 2-8pm. Sat 8:30am-1pm. 4 teaching hours a day and others are office hours. Will help rent a place , provide work permit, curriculum . Email at esljobtaiwan@gmail.com


the job with the best pay here. if you miss it,
other jobs don't pay that much and don't offer housing.
We offer housing near the school.
It's the only job with housing,while others don't offer free housing.

SAVE UP money here!
Work in HuWei town,Yunlin county;we just hire those who want to work hard,save up money hard; you do lesson plans well Huwei town has a starbucks and an eslite bookstore where you can relax reading books and have coffee

teaching in teaching 4-12 year old kids
Teaching materials offered,

We have over 30 teaching hours a week if you can teach well.
Hours: depending on the schedule,but we will try to let you teach
morning-afternoon or afternoon -evening hrs, so you need to be ready for
some morning,afternoon,evening hrs from Mon to Fri, you need to take Sat 10-12 AMhrs so you have Sat afternoon and Sunday off.

Each teacher's teaching hours are varied from each other's. Some teachers have more than 30 hours weekly but some may have fewer. 25~ 34 hours weekly is the average for the 3 foreign teachers and 120~150 monthly teaching hours is normal. It all depends on the teacher's performance on the job and his/her physical condition. As long as the teacher is strong enough and willing to work hard, the school prefers offering as many hours as possible to the teacher. Suppose a teacher can handle a minimum 25 hours weekly, the monthly salary is about NT$67000 with 120 teaching hours. If taking more hours, the teacher is guaranteed for a higher salary.
Alien resident certificate offered.
Teaching time table can be changeable slightly upon the monthly teaching time table.
class size: 10-20
as you teach 3-6 year old kids,you have an assistant in class


teaching in Xinyi , Taipei city near Xiangshan MRT. Monday to Friday. Hours between 2-9 pm usually.20-25 hours a week But now we also have morning camp. 9-11:30 am Monday to Friday. 600 per hour. Start immediately. Work permit offered . Email at esljobtaiwan@gmail.com

Can you apply?
Hiring 2 teachers to teach in high school in Taichung city. Monday to Friday morning afternoon hours. Pay 60000-70000 ntd a month. Based on the ability. One year job starting in August . Only hiring registered teachers


2 jobs open . Teaching kids in Muzha, Taipei city. 25 -30hours a week. 550-620 per hour. One year job. Morning afternoon hours . One is Monday to Friday , the other Monday to Saturday with Tuesday off. Work permit and curriculum offered. Email at esljobtaiwan@gmail.com

can you teach 7-12 ages here? school in Zhonghe ,New Taipei city
Email at esljobtaiwan@gmail.com
Their hours are 4 weekdays,afternoon,evening hours.
and Sat hours, Sat may include morning afternoon
but you have 2 days off, 1 is Sunday, the other is a weekday off.
That owner has 2 branches, Zhonghe and Yonghe,New Taipei city.
You 'll teach for these 2 branches nearby.
550-600 -650per hour depending on teaching skill
at least 20-25hr a week

They can hire 2 full time teachers . Hiring native English speakers. Also welcome Asian American or Asian Canadian . Teaching 20-25 hours a week between 2-9 pm in Nankan , Taoyuan. . Mon to Friday. Teaching kids. 600 ntd per hour if you teach well Work permit offered. Email at esljobtaiwan@gmail.com


Can you apply? Teaching jobs open in northern Taiwan . If you prefer morning afternoon hours and Monday to Friday only , please apply. Teaching kids Monday to Friday mostly morning afternoon hours. Maybe 1-2 weekday early evening to 7-7:30 pm depending on the total teaching hours . We have enough hours usually around 30-33 teaching hours a week . Pay 55000-70000ntd a month based on the hours you have . We have branches in Tucheng, New Taipei City needing 2 teachers , Linkou , New Taipei City , needing 2-3 teachers, also Taoyuan city , Zhongli and Hsinchu city needing 1 teacher. Starting mid August . Work permit , curriculum offered. Will help you find a place to rent. One year contract . Email at esljobtaiwan@gmail.com

the formal 5 day training
you can teach in Zhanghua city,and county
you both teach for 1 branch in Zhanghua.
one in Zhanghua city, one in Hemei,Zhanghua
you can live together
contract attached

they provide work permit,help you rent a place
your rent is 5000-7500NTD a month
offer training,orientation

contract attached
at least 80 teaching hours a month, usually more
7-12 ages
21000NTd contract end bonus (considered airfare reimbursement)
Mon to Fri work only between 2-9pm
1 year job
Teaching in Taoyuan city in a primary school

5 weekday job-morning afternoon shift
pay about 69000NTD per month
with contract end bonus and airfare reimbursement

1 year job
only hire registered teachers with a valid teacher's license
paid national holidays
can help you find a place to rent
language school in Zhubei,Hsinchu, a modern area

we welcome experienced,friendly,easy going,responsible teachers

Mon to Fri work.hours between 1:30-7:30pm or so,

usually you only spend 5-6 hours at work a day but we pay a stable salary

and we allow you to teach for others in your spare time

but you have to stick to our teaching time table 1st.

you must do lesson plans well but you do not have to do long office hours.

as long as you prepare well,you only have to be at school 30 minutes early before the class start. if your class starts 4pm,you get to work at 3:30pm but

we pay a steady monthly salary of 65000NTD.

you have 80-100 teaching hours a month,but not more than 100.

;students of 5-12 year old kids.

class size: 10-20

Work permirt,health insurance offered.

you have to pay for your health insurance if you need a health insurance certificate but we can apply for you.

Help you find housing to rent so you need to rent

One-year job

we offer teaching training and you have to attend it regularly

dress code-

something formal,no shorts

class size-15-20

you can do a teaching demo on Tue or Fri afternoon

and we will pay you to see if you qualify for this job.

this job starts from Aug 1;

this job is special as it's full time you do it like part time

and we pay 55000NTD a month so you must be responsible for work.

we prefer teachers to do some teaching games in class too

you can have your style of teaching; sometimes you only teach from 4-7pm so this job is easy but you have to teach well.


Job in Banqiao,New Taipei city

about 20-25hours a week to start ,we guarantee 80 teaching hours a month

and can gradually increase to 25 hours a week

based on your teaching ability.

Mon to Fri work.hours between 2-9pm or so,

you must do lesson plans well

you have at least 80teaching hr a month

540-600NTD per teaching hour

;students of 5-12 year old kids

; have an assistant in class

Work permirt,health insurance offered.

Help you find housing to rent so you need to rent

One-year job

5- day training if needed

dress code- tie-shirt,pants(male)


No jeans

class size-15-20

set materials ;

20000NTD airfare reimbursement


job in Huwei,Yunlin

Our condition is :
Work from Monday to Friday (5 days a week),
600NT$ per hour, around 78 ~ 90 hrs a month.
Students age: 7 ~ 12y, 13 ~ 18y
The teacher's knowledge and skills should cover from Kids English to GEPT High-Intermediate Level.

job in Zhanghua city,we can hire 2 teachers! a couple!

around 20-25 actual teaching hours a week.

We help you find a place to rent near the school,treat you nicely,fairly.

salary: 60000NTD a month to start

Mon to Fri afternoon-evening teaching from 2pm ;students of 5-12 year old kids or some adults. ; now you have to work on Sat,you can ask 1 weekday off

to have a weekday,and Sunday off.Please be flexible to our teaching time table.

may have an assistant in class

Work permirt,health insurance offered.

Help you find housing to rent so you need to rent

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