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服務類别:學    服務城市: 廣東省深圳
Job 627: Shenzhen School, (XDS)
10,000– 25,000/month.
Kindergarten or Primary or middle school students。
Monday — Friday.
About 17–20 classes/week.
Morning & afternoon.
Teach oral English, or ARTS, or MUSIC, or Math, etc.
40 minutesclass.
Will help with activities sometimes.
Star ASAP or in Sep.
Part time position opens as well: Max ¥130/class.
Housing is provided, new.
Love to see real teachers with school teaching certificates.
Demon class will be a class with 15 students from age 5-7. The theme will be the Chinese Zodiacs. You can do a bit of writing. We look for Your organizational skills and interaction with kids.

Free meals & housing.

Will process Z visa.

Other benefits as above.


1. Need 1 Kindergarten Female teacher:

15000--23000 before tax for Kindergarten in Futian.

Yearly travel allowance.

2. Need 1 Primary school female teacher:

Must have teaching license.

<25 students/class.

<5 classes/day. <25 /week.


Paid winter/summer holiday.

10000 airfare/year.

3. Need 1 Middle school Math/Science teacher:

Must have teaching license.

Working hours are approximately as follows:
•5 classes maximum per day
•25 classes per week
•Teaching hours from 8:00 to 16:30
Travelling -- of 10,000RMB inclusive for travelling to home country or other destinations annually.

local insurance.

Free services available to help candidate in settling life in China

This International Department is a comprehensive English immersion program including all the requirements from the Common Core States Standard (CCSS) of the USA for students to advance and excel. With the dedicated and thorough American curriculum as the main foundation, our fully functional Fine Arts Department is also renowned to the region.

86-189 274 274 29

Please note that all of our positions are on a first come first service basis, and that all qualified applicants are wel-come to apply.

If the jobs which are available now do not fit your requirements, you can keep in touch with us and we will always have new jobs available.

All documents sent by foreign teachers will only be used for application. Documents will be deleted automaticly once the application has been denied.

The final job description will be according to the school's contract.

Thanks again for choosing PELCC!

Teaching license or foreign directer needed, max 25000′ housing


86-189 274 274 29

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