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JOB 671: Guangzhou University, (SYZ), part time, housing, asap!
Job 671: Guangzhou University, (SYZ)

Recruitment requirements:

(For English teachers)

1. Native speaker

2. Two years' work experience in relevant fields


4. Bachelor Degree or equivalent education

Workload & benefits:

1. Standard 16 periods/ week. Extra periods will be paid by 100 rmb/period.

(Most lectures are currently delivered on GuangDong Campus)

2. Basic salary 6000-7000 RMB/month, with allowance 2000 RMB/month

3. Airfare 8000 RMB/ year

4. Travel allowance 1000 RMB/ time, twice a year

5. Free accommodation on both Guangzhou and GuangDong campuses.

6. Allowance for shuttle bus and meals on campus on work days.

7. Economic insurance

Part-time teacher:

1. Part time teacher do not enjoy the benefit above. Part time lecturer will be paid by 150 RMB/ period, with allowance for shuffle bus an meals on campus, and short-term accommodation in Nanhai when it's necessary.

2. Work experience is required. And a working visa and resident permit are compulsory.

3. About 8 hours/week.

4. Start ASAP!


86-189 274 274 29
Please note that all of our positions are on a first come first service basis, and that all qualified applicants are wel-come to apply.
If the jobs which are available now do not fit your requirements, you can keep in touch with us and we will always have new jobs available.
All documents sent by foreign teachers will only be used for application. Documents will be deleted automaticly once the application has been denied.
The final job description will be according to the school's contract.

Thanks again for choosing PELCC!

86-189 274 274 29

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