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Teacher of *LINK*

We are seeking an experienced and enthusiastic teacher of Art to IB DP level, able to teach Art throughout the secondary school within the international department. Following a program of substantial renovation and development, SSYIS will be one of the most modern and advanced schools in the area offering international, dual-language and Chinese national curricula to students from kindergarten to high school aged 3-18. IBDP and IB Certificate are available, alongside the local Aglaia program. An accredited DP school, SSYIS will also be a candidate school for the Primary Years Program (PYP) and, a little later, the Middle Years Program (MYP). After a long period in which the school was a public school under state ownership, the international school has now become autonomous, and its students now enjoy a new and exciting international future. It is has a large campus located in a clean and leafy suburb in the north-west of Shenzhen, lying on the Chinese mainland, close to Hong Kong. A building and renovation program is due to begin shortly, and SSYIS teachers will enjoy excellent, modern facilities. There are more than 4000 students in the school at the moment, 100% of which are Chinese nationals. It is expected that the school will draw students from other nationalities in future. Students are well-behaved and very eager to learn. Presently most students are boarders. At SSYIS we believe that students should develop both their IQ and their EQ, and we aim to develop a strong holistic education dimension which emphasizes the development of character. Attributes such as teamwork, leadership, confidence, independence, personal organization and creativity are developed as an integral English of every student's rounded education, and every teacher shares in this aspiration. As such, we are not simply teachers; we are educators, accompanying our students on the journey from where they are to where they need to be to become confident, competent, caring, global citizens.

A standard teaching loading consists of 24 hours a week A's to include extra-curricular acti vities - and continuing professional development is provided to all staff. The salary package is attractive, to include a housing allowance, round trip air tickets, insurance, meal allowance, free education places for up to two children and free visa. Teachers are expected to contribute to the extended life of the s chool and, in return, enjoy 10 weeks of paid holiday per year.
As a teacher working within the remit and targets developed by the Shenzhen Shiyan International School (SSYIS) management, you will contribute to ensuring the successful growth and continuous improvement of your department and of the school.

Reporting to and liaising with the School Representative you will challenge, influence and motivate students to deliver outstanding performance. You will uphold and actively promote SHENZHEN SHIYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLs commitment to integrity, accountability and an aspiration for excellence.

We can offer:
l a dynamic and forward-looking school;
l small classes with motivated and happ y students;
l a challenging and enjoyable enviro nment in which to work, characterized by positive interpersonal relationships;
l a vibrant, rapidly-developing city in which to work, and a good standard of living;
l an excellent induction package and CPD together with opport unities for further career enhancement.

Personal Characteristics
Your professional profile is defined by integrity, clear and open communication, high standards, and an understanding of the needs and interests of students, parents and staff.

Your personal profile enables you to act as an ambassador for the school. You have excellent verbal and written communication skills, and relate positively to students, staff and parents, inspiring them with confidence in the school.

You have the ability to analyze problems, reach sound conclusions and resolve issues effectively. You have a proven capacity to respond to changing needs, and to translate vision into practical reality. You have a strong commitment to quality and sharing best practices in learning and teaching.

You have a good understanding of, and interest in developing academic best practices in the context of a secondary, cross-cultural institution.

You have a working knowledge and understanding of departmental planning and reporting. You have a higher-level understanding of and experience using information and communication technology to enhance teaching and learning.

You have an interest in and willingness to engage Chinese contemporary culture. You enjoy working under pressure in a fast paced environment. You are optimistic, resilient, and have a well-developed sense of proportion and humour.

general Responsibilities
Working within the remit and targets developed by the SHENZHEN SHIYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL management, and under the direct, day-to-day supervision of the School Representative for your curriculum responsibilities you will:

teach Art (and other creative subjects as appropriate), as required, up to advanced level (IB DP);
adhere to curriculum time lines, planning ahead of time and meeting due deadlines;
play a leading role in providing a creative and performing arts dimension for the school;
Play a leading role in creating and maintaining a dynamic visual profile for the school through displays of student work..

1. Subject Knowledge 1.1 You will teach Art to IBDP level (and other creative subjects, where appropriate) A's as required to students aged 11 - 18. This may in future be developed to IGCSE- or MYP-level.

1.2. You will be versed in and have a track record of organizing and producing exhibitions of student work.

1.3. You should keep yourself informed of current developments within your specialist subject(s). 2. Subject Application As a teacher you should: 2.1. Plan, prepare and review So Ws and lessons, keeping lesson notes which show continuity and progression. 2.2. Set appropriately demanding expectations for each student; differentiation strategies are essential. 2.3. Employ a range of teaching strategies appropriate to the age, ability and attainment level of the students. 2.4. Employ EAL strategies to ensure that students can access the subject knowledge involved in mainstream classes.

2.5. Select and use appropriate resources, including Information Technology. 2.6. Present lessons using clear language and in a stimulating manner, using a variety of teaching styles as appropriate. 2.7. Contribute to the development of students language and communication skills, with specific reference to EAL. 2.8.. Set suitable work in the event of foreseen absence and other instances, wherever possible.
3. Classroom Management As an Art teacher you should endeavour to: 3.1. Create and maintain a purposeful and orderly environment for the students within your class. 3.2. Safeguard students health and safety, with specific reference to practical activities and ECAs. 3.3. Ensure setting/grouping that is appropriate for particular learning purposes, i. e. whole class, pairs, small groups, individual. 3.4. Use appropriate sanctions and rewards in line with Subject and whole school polic y. 3.5. Maintain students interest and motivation. 3.6. Ensure that the classroom environment, including furniture, decor and equipment is respected by all students.

3.7. Maintain vibrant and informative displays of work both inside classrooms and in shared areas (corridors).
4. Assessment and Recording As an Art teacher you should endeavour to: 4.1. Identify the current level of attainment of individual students, and refer to other information available in the schoo l. 4.2. Judge how well a student performs against the standard expected of a student of that age and take remedial action if necessar y. 4.3. Assess and record systematically the progress of individual students in line with Subject and whole school polic y. 4.4. Mark work, as appropriate, using the school's marking policy and give formative feedback to students regularly on their progr ess. 4.5. Use assessment as a fundamental part of teach ing. 4.6. Prepare pupils for public examinations and public performance; assessing, recording and reporting as requi red. 4.7. Plan, prepare and review assessments throughout the y ear. 5. Tutoring As a tutor you have a responsibility to: 5.1. Promote the general progress and well-being of any group of pupils assigned to you. 5.2. Provide guidance and advice on educational and social matters and on their education and future careers, including information on sources of more expert h elp. 5.3. Make records of, and report on, pupils personal and social ne eds. 5.4. Communicate and consult with pare nts.
5.5. Act as a mentor to all of the students in your tutor gr oup.

6. Performance Management You should: 6.1 Participate in arrangements for the appraisal of your own performa nce. 6.2 Review from time to time your own methods of teach ing. 6.3 Participate in further training and professional development, including training which aims to meet needs identified in appraisal objectives or stateme nts.
7. Working Time 7.1. You have a responsibility to participate in meetings which relate to the curriculum or the administration or organization of the school, including morning briefings and pastoral arrangem ents.
7.2. SHENZHEN SHIYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is a boarding school, and you will be expected to share some boarding duties with the other members of s taff.
7.3. The domain of Creative and Performing Arts will require a presence from the teacher which may extend beyond the curriculum day, especially in a full-boarding environ ment.
8. Curriculum Extension
8.1. All SHENZHEN SHIYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL staff offer a weekly extra-curricular acti vity.
8.2. All SHENZHEN SHIYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL staff share in the extended life of the s chool.
8.3. During time gained due to alternative provision for students you may be direc ted to:
Develop/revise curriculum materials
Assist colleagues in appropriate planned team teaching
Provide additional learning support
Undertake planned activities with pupils transferring to the school in August

9. Other Responsibilities 9.1. Represents the school to the student and parent community and plays a key role in marketing the schools and program mes, including educational events.
9.2. Organises and participates in visits, excursions and enrichment activities outside the cla ssroom.

9.3. Contributes to events within the school com munity.

9.3. Other duties, as may reasonably be required by a line manager in agreement with the Pri ncipal.
ensuring Accountability The Art teacher:

provides regular, comprehensive reports and formal and informal information on student perfo rmance;

contributes to the implementation and management of departmental statistical information on student attainment to establish bench marking and calculate value -added;

provides information on student perfo rmance for parents through Parent Consultation m eetings;

other The Art teacher:

supports initiatives which motivate and promote team-building and helps to create a positive work envi ronment;

remains abreast of trends and research in relevan t areas;

is able to work under significant time and operational pressures, and be able to coordinate a variety of projects simulta neously;

exercises judgment and discretion in handling sensitive and confidential issues.

Person Specification for an Arts teacher Experience:
The delivery of Art & Design A's both curricular and extra-cur r icular..
Teaching in a mixed-ability, second-language cl assroom.
Knowledge of recent developments in teaching and learning.
A proven track-record of success in the classroom and in the performing ar ts area.
Qualifications or Training:
Qualified Teacher Status Graduate
Practical Skills:
The delivery of language arts predominantly to non-native s peakers.
The management of re sources.
Ability to teach other subjects may be an ad vantage.
Ability to organize after-school and extra-curricular acti vities
Ability to motivate students who come from a range of cultures and bac kgrounds.
Ability to simplify instructions and commands in English, and to allow students
time to reflect (in English) on their own per formance.
Personal Qualities & At tributes:
A commitment to challenging students to reach the highest possible s tandards.
You should be an active learner and a reflective prac titioner. Good communication skills. An effective team player. Able to learn from other staff members, as well as being able to share your own
best practice with other team members.
Experience of living and working in a foreign country would be an a dvantage.
Well-organized and administratively e fficient.
Professional, well-spoken and smartly -dressed.

Job Summary:

SHENZHEN SHIYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL opens its doors in August, 2016 and specializes in providing high quality education to mostly Chinese students aged 3 A's 18. Newly created after the split from the Shiyan Public (State) School, SSYIS alrea dy has 4,000 students which will be divided between the International Section, the Dual Language (Fusion) Section and the Local Chinese Section.

A committed team of professional educators works with a small number of highly-motivated students in a preferential teaching and learning environment which aims to produce excellent examination results. All SHENZHEN SHIYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL students are boarders and great emphasis is placed on a holistic education where independence, initiative and integrity are nurtured, alongside higher-order teamwork and sporting/artistic/musical prowess.
Almost all SHENZHEN SHIYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL students have a proven academic track-record in their previous schools, but are disadvantaged by their English-language skills which are under-developed. Their access to the curriculum is therefore hindered.

We can offer:
l a dynamic and forward-looking school with good s tandards;
l small classes with motivated and happ y students;
l a small, friendly team of comm itted colleagues;
l a challenging and enjoyable enviro nment in which to work;
l a flourishing city in which to work, and a good standard of living;
l an excellent induction package and CPD together with opport unities for further career enhancement.


Shiyan is situated to the north-west of Shenzhens city center. Shenzhen is situated on the south coast opposite Hong Kong, and has somewhere between 15 and 18 million inhabitants. How many expats Difficult to say, but taken together with Guangzhou jus t up the road, the estimate is around 80,0 00.
Chinas 5,000 year-old culture is rapidly (and probably sadly) being replaced by a creeping westernization. It is, however, still a communist country where the state controls money, land and u tilities and where the freedoms of the 1.4 billion Chinese are still quite tightly controlled. Even so, capitalist enterprise culture is very much alive and well, with business-people constantly seeking ways around the state constraints Expats are therefore required to adapt to living and working in this different context. Whatever the personal opinions of foreigners, we are advised to enter the country with the kind of respect a guest accords to his/her host and the understanding that we should not try to impose our values or opinions on them. To get the most out of your China years, get to know the Chinese, understand them, respect them and join with them on their journey.
The local education system applies huge pressure on its students to achieve in a highly-competitive environment. Memorization and rote-learning, the ingestion of large quantities of facts and inflated homework tasks result in students living under constant stress. This is augmented by often-inhuman expectations from parents (Tiger mothers, for example), spurred on by the necessity for their child to get the grades required to enter a good university.
Chinese parents are, however, increasingly dissatisfied with this system which often compromises their offspring's childhood. They look with interest at the western education system in which children tend to enjoy their schooling and succeed without the inhuman pressures of the local system. They see their higher earning capacity as the way to buy their child a successful and child-centred education. Hence the growing demand for international education.
Chinese children are not allowed by Chinese law to attend an international school (reserved for the holders of foreign passports only) during the compulsory education age of 6 A's 15. Some go to great lengths (and expense) to obtain a foreign passport for their child, entitling them to attend a foreign school. Others wait until the end of middle school, then opt to add the international dimension. SHENZHEN SHIYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL was originally a local state school, and SSYIS operates its international section on the basis of that license. So SSYIS will enable its students to experience an IB education (to include IGCSEs and possibly A-levels), with access thereafter to a western university. Colleagues are advised to understand the nervousness of Chinese parents who choose such an alien pathway for their child, and to ensure regular and effective home-school communication.
Colleagues will find their students to be highly-motivated, hard-working, obedient, disciplined and grateful for the educational opportunities you provide. In such a positive educational environment, achievement and attainment will flourish.
Contact: Maya Shen (PA to the Principal)
Email: maya@ssyis.cn
Please send cover-letter application (stating for which post you are applying) together with a recent photo and the names/contact information of three referees, one of whom should be your most recent employer.
Roger Sinnett
Executive Principal


Salary: 15000 CNY to 26000 CNY Monthly
Housing: See job description
Contract type: full time
Work visa provided: Yes
Teaching Students age: See job description
Work Location: Shenzhen, Shenzhen
Working hours: See job description
Positions available: 5

- Teaching experience
- Degree in any field
- Passport holders

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