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ESL┬ teacher┬ wanted┬ in┬ college┬ in┬ jiaxing´╝î6000rmb

We┬ are┬ looking┬ for┬ english┬ teacher┬ for┬ a┬ college┬ in┬ jiaxing┬ city┬ of┬ zhejiang┬ province.close┬ to┬ shanghai┬ city

It┬ is┬ a┬ one┬ school┬ year┬ contract┬ start┬ in┬ sep,┬ 2016
Monthly┬ salary:5500/6000RMB┬ with┬ 16┬ classes┬ workload┬ per┬ week.
winter┬ vocation┬ paid.
You┬ will┬ get┬ 2200RMB┬ as┬ travel┬ allowance┬ with┬ a┬ one┬ year┬ contract.
Free┬ roundtrip┬ international┬ flight┬ tickets┬ or┬ ticket┬ allowance:economic┬ class:8000RMB
Free┬ access┬ to┬ water┬ and┬ electricity.
Free┬ apartment┬ provide:one┬ bedroom┬ one┬ toilet┬ and┬ one┬ kitchen.

1.´╝ëNative┬ English┬ speakers┬ from┬ USA,┬ UK,┬ Australia,┬ Canada┬ and┬ New┬ Zealand┬ or┬ Ireland;┬
2.´╝ë22-60┬ years┬ old;┬
3.´╝ëBachelor┬ degree┬ or┬ higher;
4.´╝ëAt┬ least┬ 2-year┬ experiences┬ of┬ teaching;

If┬ you┬ are┬ interested┬ in┬ this┬ teaching┬ position,┬ please┬ contact┬ with┬ Cherry,┬ and┬ kindly┬ send┬ me┬ an┬ E-mail┬ with┬ your┬ document┬ (your┬ CV,┬ your┬ passport,┬ your┬ Bachelor┬ degree,┬ and┬ a┬ color┬ photo┬ of┬ you).┬
My┬ Email┬ add: cherry_education@hotmail.com
Skype:┬ cherry_education@hotmail.com
Cell┬ phone:┬ 0086 13566699109

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