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English teachers for a public college in Xiangfan city, Hubei

We┬ are┬ looking┬ for┬ English┬ teachers┬ for┬ a┬ public┬ college┬ in┬ Xiangfan┬ city,┬ Hubei┬ province,┬ China.

It┬ is┬ a┬ one┬ year┬ contract┬ starts┬ in┬ September,┬ 2016.
Workload:┬ 16classes/week;
Monthly┬ salary:┬ 5500-6000┬ RMB┬ ;
Providing┬ round-trip┬ air┬ tickets┬ reimbursement.
Providing┬ 2200RMB┬ as┬ travel┬ allowances.
Free┬ accommodation┬ provided┬ with┬ PC┬ and┬ washing┬ machine.
Providing┬ 1.5┬ hours┬ free┬ Chinese┬ courses┬ each┬ week.
Working┬ Visa,┬ Residence┬ permits,┬ Foreign┬ Expert┬ permit┬ provided;

1.)┬ under┬ 60┬ years┬ old;
2.)┬ Native┬ English┬ speakers┬ from┬ USA,┬ UK,┬ Australia,┬ Canada┬ and┬ New┬ Zealand┬ or┬ Ireland;
3.)┬ Bachelor┬ degree┬ or┬ higher;
4.)┬ 2-year┬ experiences┬ of┬ teaching

If┬ you┬ are┬ interested┬ in┬ this┬ teaching┬ position,┬ please┬ contact┬ with┬ Aileen,┬ and┬ kindly┬ send┬ me┬ an┬ E-mail┬ with┬ your┬ document┬ (your┬ CV,┬ your┬ passport,┬ your┬ Bachelor┬ degree,┬ and┬ a┬ recent┬ photo┬ of┬ you).┬
My┬ Email┬ address: teach_aileen@aliyun.com;
Skype:┬ aileenshi65
Cell┬ phone:┬ 0086┬ 15088710933

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