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ESL Lesson Plans

The use of "like"

The correct use of "like" is of fundamental importance in many basic questions. The fact that these questions use "like" as a verb or a preposition can further complicate the issue. This lesson focuses on helping students identify the principal uses of "like" in question forms and some of the problem areas concerning these questions.

Aim: Improving the understanding of the various uses of "like"

Activity: Matching activity followed by oral comprehension activity.

Level: Pre-intermediate to intermediate


Ask students the following questions quickly, make sure to alternate questions often: What would you like?, What do you like?, What are you like?, What do you look like?, How are you? - change subjects often, especially with the last question.
Write the questions on the board and ask students what the function of "like" is in each - verb or preposition.
Discuss the differences between the various questions.
Have students complete the matching activity, matching questions with answers.
Correct activity in class. Review any problem areas.
Have students do the oral exercise (or read each answer from the oral comprehension section yourself). Ask students to ask an appropriate question (i.e., What does he look like?)
Repeat the first activity. Make sure to alternate questions and subjects quickly.
Various Uses of "Like"

For each answer choose the correct question.

What does he look like?
Fantastic. They played for more than 3 hours.

What does she like?
He's doing well, thank you.

What would you like?
He's tall, dark and handsome.

How is he?
Playing golf, reading and going to the cinema.

What's she like?
A steak, please.

What was it like?
Very interesting, she has travelled all over the world.

Ask the right question with "like" Read the following sentences aloud and ask your partner to ask an appropriate question.

Oh, she is very interesting. She is very involved in community activities and loves the outdoors.
He's fine, thank you.
Just awful, it hasn't stopped raining for the last three days.
Reading science fiction, watching classic films on late night tv.
Very pretty, she's got short blond hair, blue eyes and a usually wears jeans and a t-shirt.
A beer, if that's no problem.
He's quite the entertainer. He loves having people over for dinner.
It can be spicy AND sweet. It's delicious.
It's a painting of a countryside with lots of flowers in the foreground.
He can be difficult at times.

What's she like?
How is he?
What's the weather like?
What does she like doing?
What does she look like?
What would you like?
What's he like? OR What does he like doing?
What's it like?
What does it look like?
What's he like?

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