A1 level conversation at McDonald's.

Customer: Hi, can I get a Big Mac meal with a Coke, please?

Cashier: Sure thing! Would you like medium or large fries with that?

Customer: I'll go with medium fries, please.

Cashier: Okay, that'll be $8.49. Would you like to make that a meal deal and add an apple pie for an extra $1.00?

Customer: No, thank you. Just the Big Mac meal and Coke with medium fries.

Cashier: Alright, that comes out to $8.49. Would you like to pay with cash or card?

Customer: I'll pay with my card, please.

Cashier: Great. Please insert your card and enter your PIN when ready.

(Customer inserts and removes card)

Cashier: Thank you. Here's your receipt and your order will be ready shortly.

Customer: Thanks!

(A few minutes later)

Cashier: Here's your Big Mac meal with medium fries and Coke. Enjoy your meal!

Customer: Thank you very much!